Featured Student: Kayla Thigpen

At Spelman College, serious research is not limited by class standing. Here, Kayla Thigpen shares her experience conducting primary research as freshman:IMG_1059

This semester I have been doing archival research on the Tupac Amaru Shakur Collection in my First Year Composition class. I began my research by looking through his writings, misbehavior reports, and misbehavior appeals while incarcerated at Clinton Correctional Facility in the state of New York. My goal was to search for a connection related to the mistreatment of prisoners and police brutality. In the midst of my research, I was able to find handwritten documents by Tupac that highlighted first hand the wrongdoings by the Clinton Correctional Facility police officers against him. In addition, Tupac Shakur and his lawyer appealed several misbehavior reports that were wrongfully filed against him. The discrepancies of different times, dates, and statements were very evident during my archival research. After I was finished exploring through the archives, I was able to understand the backwardness and fraud located within the prison system. I now see the crookedness in American policies, laws, and bills. My next step is to intertwine my research about mistreatment of prisoners and police brutality with present day incidents.


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